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Sunday, August 08, 2004

Alan Keyes Joins Illinois Senate Race
Illinois Republicans Turn to Conservative Maryland Political Commentator

ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, Ill. (Aug. 8) - Alan Keyes, the conservative Maryland political commentator whom Illinois Republicans turned to after weeks of searching for a replacement Senate candidate, accepted the challenge Sunday of running against a rising Democratic star who has grown only more formidable as the state GOP has been mired in scandal and disarray.
The GOP party offered Keyes, a two-time presidential candidate, the nomination for the U.S. Senate, replacing Jack Ryan.
''We do face an uphill battle, there's no doubt,'' Keyes told cheering supporters at a rally.
''So I'm not going to stand here and with tremendous ease promise you a victory. But I'll tell you what I will promise. I will promise you a fight!''
The Republican two-time presidential hopeful will face Democratic state Sen. Barack Obama in the campaign to replace retiring GOP Sen. Peter Fitzgerald. Keyes' entry sets up the first U.S. Senate election with two black candidates representing the major parties, and seemingly assures Illinois will produce only the fifth black senator in history.

read the rest of this article here: http://aolsvc.news.aol.com/elections/article.adp?id=20040808105609990001

Being liberal as I am, I am for Obama. Read further on in the article and you will find out that Keyes is against abortion and gay rights, I have mixed feelings on abortion but I do believe strongly in gay rights. Keyes is against state income taxes, and it's no wonder. According to the article he owes over $7,000 in unpaid income taxes. From what I've read Keyes doesn't seem to pose a threat of any sort to Obama. Obama is a great speaker, and he actually puts into motion the things he talks about. His speech at the Democratic National Convention was great. For those of you who live under a rock and missed it, it's here : http://www.obamaforillinois.com/index.asp?Type=B_PR&SEC={4C624248-27E9-4F67-A685-921F17AEFF00}&DE={FFC97208-2B20-4DFC-9346-39A933A3C66D}

Terror Alert

I was just watching CNN and they came up with the results for a poll they conducted on whether people believe that the terror alert is effective or not. Only 8% said yes. I found that really interesting. It's good to know that people don't really pay attention to that. We as a country don't need to be living in a constant state of fear. Life need's to be lived!

Speaking of this... here's an article on how we aren't safe. Oh, live in fear, Americans.

Bush Warns Americans They Are 'Still Not Safe'
Reuters, Sat Aug 7 2004, 4:47 PM ET

KENNEBUNKPORT, Maine (Reuters) - President Bush warned Americans on Saturday last weekend's terrorism alert was another sign the country was still not safe but said he was taking steps to prevent future attacks.
Alert levels were raised for specific locations in New York City, Washington and New Jersey after a top-level review of information that al Qaeda may be plotting to attack financial institutions including the New York Stock Exchange, the International Monetary Fund and World Bank.
"We're doing everything we can in our power to confront the danger," Bush said in his weekly radio address. "We're making good progress in protecting our people and bringing our enemies to account."
The administration has been facing tough questions after it became known that some of the information that led to the elevated alert was three years old.
Bush defended the new alerts, stating new information gleaned from arrests in Pakistan and other new intelligence suggested that al Qaeda had recently updated information on those potential targets.
"We're still not safe," said Bush, who was spending the weekend at his family's oceanfront compound in Maine to attend the wedding of his nephew, George P. Bush, the son of Florida Gov. Jeb Bush. He also found time to do some fishing with his twin daughters and father, former President George Bush.

To read the rest of this article go here: http://www.reuters.com/newsArticle.jhtml?type=politicsNews&storyID=5903149

Interesting. Bush must be doing a lot of hard work putting plans into motion to help protect our country while he catches a few fish. I understand that we need to be aware of things around us and be cautious, but we don't need to be living our lives in a constant state of terror. That's exactly what the terrorists want us to do. Bush need's to spend more time activating plans and listening to the 9/11 Commission. Hopefully someone else will take over in November and will get things done.

Congressman's Sudden Switch

Democrat Calls Congressman Who Switched a 'Coward'
AP Sun Aug 8, 2004 9:00 AM ET

NEW ORLEANS (Aug. 7) - In 48 hours, Rep. Rodney Alexander went from Democrat to Republican, friend to foe - or foe to friend, depending on your political persuasion.
Democrats reacted to the news by calling the first-term congressman a turncoat and a coward. They must now gain another seat, 12 in all, to win back the House this fall. The count today: Democrats 205, Republicans 229.
A new ally, on the other hand, rang him up Friday to say congratulations. President Bush, according to White House spokesman Scott McClellan, welcomed Alexander to the GOP and wished him well.
Alexander's about-face came about in two days, but had really been in the works for two years.

Read the rest of this article here: http://aolsvc.news.aol.com/elections/article.adp?id=20040807063109990005

In an AOL poll as of 12:42 CT, when asked "Do you think Alexander 'betrayed voters' by switching parties?" 51% said no and 49% yes. Rather close. Two-faced politicans? No way, never would have thought it. Found that an interesting decision Alexander made.

Stem cell

Kerry Vows to Lift Bush Restrictions on Stem Cells
Reuters, Sat Aug 7, 2004 10:07 PM ET

LAMAR, Colo. (Reuters) - Democratic challenger John Kerry on Saturday marked the third anniversary of President Bush's restrictions on stem cell research by vowing to lift them for the sake of millions of Americans with debilitating diseases.
"To those who pray each day for cures that are now beyond our reach, I want you to know that help is on the way," Kerry said in remarks taped for his party's weekly radio address in the second week of a cross-country campaign tour with vice-presidential running mate John Edwards.
"Come next January," said Kerry, who hopes to be inaugurated as president at that time, "we're going to create a new anniversary -- one that will be cause for celebration. We're going to lift the ban."
Stem cell research heated up as an election-year issue after the death in June of former President Ronald Reagan, who was stricken with Alzheimer's disease. His son, Ron Reagan, made an emotional plea to expand such research at last month's Democratic National Convention.
On Aug. 9, 2001, Bush restricted the use of federal funds for embryonic stem cell research to batches, called cell lines, that existed at that time. Critics complain more lines need to be opened to federally financed study.

Read the rest of the article at : http://www.reuters.com/newsArticle.jhtml;jsessionid=A2CPUSYWHIZUACRBAEOCFFA?type=topNews&storyID=5903387

It will be interesting to see how Kerry's proposal to lift the ban on stem cell research will be recieved. It was mentioned that Ronald Reagan's death played a role in the involvement of stem cell research as an issue in this year's election. With people like Ron Reagan speaking out in favor of the research, it appears this idea is being more widely spread and possibly more accepted. Conservatives and fundamentalists have other opinions on the matter, and will be more in favor of Bush it seems. No doubt this issue will play a role in this year's upcoming election.

There is also no doubt that research, if not stem cell, need's to be conducted on diseases such as Alzheimer's. It was recently discovered that there is unlikely to be any link between Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. To read more on this go to http://www.reuters.com/newsArticle.jhtml?type=topNews&storyID=5900981

Also, they are working on a cure. Here's the lastest on that and what they've found about treating it early and such: http://www.reuters.com/newsArticle.jhtml?type=topNews&storyID=5890046